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Baseboard & Electric Wall Heaters

Advantages Of Electric Heat In The Home

There are several reasons to install electric baseboard and space heaters in your home. First, they can provide a convenient and economical solution for heating small spaces such as apartments or bedrooms. Electric heating is environmentally friendly compared to using fossil fuels like oil or propane. Electric heat is easier to install and doesn’t require duct work. Finally electric heat will be very quiet and won’t disturb family members who are resting in another room

Electric Baseboard Heating Estimates

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Baseboard Heater?

The cost to purchase an electric wall heater, baseboard heater will range from $200-500 depending on the size and feature you need. Usually, our electricians require 1-2 hours to install electric heaters in a room.  The fact that electric heaters don’t require any ductwork or ventilation makes them the easiest and lowest-cost heating choice for chilly parts of the house.  

Electric Heater Smart Thermostat

Analog and smart thermostats can be used to control the temperature of electric heaters. You can use a range of solutions that come with your brand of electric heater or third party thermostat solutions. Smart thermostats are an important investment that will help reduce your electric heating costs by 25%.  Plus smart devices can be controlled from anywhere in the home and be put on timers to suit your schedule.  

Electricity Costs Of Heating A Room With Electric 

Most homes in Ottawa are heated with natural gas or gas boilers. Most electric heaters we install are in single rooms that are cool.  An average electric heater uses 1.5kWh multiplied by average hydro ($0.12) one electric heater costs about $0.20 per hour to operate. 

Wall Heaters Vs. Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters tend to have more entry level and cheaper options available when compared to wall mounted heaters.  Wall mounted heaters are generally more powerful and have blowers which circulate the air and through convection heat up a room in minutes.  This also means that when operating under maximum power electric wall heaters will get hotter when touched.  Despite the better efficiency and extra features some customer still prefer the visual aesthetics of baseboard heaters since they low profile helps them blend in with the room.  When choosing between baseboard and wall electric heaters cost, features and design are the biggest choices Ottawa homeowners have to decide between. 

Advantages Of Electric Heaters In Ottawa Homes


Do not require duct work or ventilation perfect for additions and retrofits


Low cost to install compared to any other residential heat


Come in baseboard & wall mounted styles


Compatible with in line thermostats and smart devices


Can be installed in the bedroom, bathroom, basement or anywhere you home requires extra heat


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