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Ottawa Electric Service has been a trusted name in the residential electrical service industry for years. We built our reputation on outstanding customer care, quality workmanship and dedication to electrical safety. If you are looking for exterior light installation services then look no further than us. With our expertise and excellent customer care we will make sure that your project is done efficiently and professionally.

What Kind Of Exterior Lighting Options Are Available?

The style of lighting outside your home can make a difference in how it appears to others. There are many different options available, all with different visual effects and purposes.  Wall light fixture outside a garage or entrance enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior with a modern fixture.  Soffit lights are installed under the eaves of your home and illuminate the architectural features of your home with style. There are many functional exterior lighting styles to choose from nowadays, including LED downlights as well as motion-activated security lights.

Choosing The Best Lights For The Style of Your House

The appearance of your home is the first thing people notice when they approach your house. It’s important to make a good impression by having well-lit walkways and porch lights. Outdoor lighting can also increase safety, deter intruders and protect property from theft. Our service makes installing exterior lighting easy and helps you purchase the right type of light for your needs.  To get the right type of lighting for your home we help you consider several factors. The first is determining what style can match your house design and the surrounding Ottawa neighbourhood.

Home Automation & Exterior Lights 

We can help you integrate your home with modern smart devices that connect exterior lighting with you the other home automation devices inside the home.  Companies like Nest, Ring, Google and Amazon make exterior lighting options that have Wifi connectivity allow you to easily set timers, monitor activity and even customize the colours. Exterior lights use outdoor LED lights that consume minimal energy and produce better illumination in almost all conditions. 


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