Exhaust Fan Installation

exhaust fan installation

Exhaust Fan Installation

Residential Ventilation Fans

Exhaust fans provide airflow and ventilation in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. With extra ventilation, you can reduce heating and cooling costs, control humidity and remove bad smells.  

Why You Should Have A Powerful Exhaust Fan

Remove Excess Moisture & Improve Air Quality

For a bathroom, you want to have a fan powerful enough to dry the air within a reasonable amount of time after showering. Proper use of a bathroom exhaust fan helps prevent mould, mildew and keeps condensation from damaging your ceilings and walls & helps your shower dry faster!  

Air Extractors In The Kitchen

Eliminate Smells, Oil & Moisture With A Range Hood

Similar to a bathroom exhaust fan your kitchen also should have adequate ventilation.  When cooking with oils or spices the air is contaminated with particulate that can irritate the eyes. Turning on a power extraction fan or range hood will help keep the air in your home fresh!

pot lights installed in a living room

Choose local electricians, serving Ottawa with dedication and pride. We provide amazing services like electrical repair and maintenance to keep you safe in your own home. Call us today at (613)518-5010 to get an estimate on the cost of installing an exhaust fan in your home. With the Ottawa Electric Service, you get guaranteed labour and warrantied exhaust fans installed in your home. 


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Ottawa  Exhaust Fan Installation By Pro Electricians

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