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Structured Cabling System

Cable Solutions For Comms, Security, IT & Electrical

Get your office or commercial property professionally wired for communications, security, networking & electrical needs. Cabling is performed by electricians for renovations or new construction. Cabling is perfect for offices, retail stores & any commercial building in Ottawa. Let Ottawa Electric Services help with planning and installing the cabling you need. We use highest grade cabling and conduits greatly increasing the reliability or the IT infrastructure.

What Is Structured Wiring?

Structured Wiring also known as structured cabling is the design and installation of wires to meet the needs of your communications, security, servers & networking devices.  When planning to install cables in commercial properties always choose modern standards to ensure your hardware will be supported for decades after.  We recommend the installation of Cat 6 cabling which supports faster max speeds than Cat 5e. Structured wiring can also include fibre optic wiring which perform significantly better than twisted pair wiring.  


Office Building Structured Cabling (In Floor Conduits)

Eliminate tripping hazards and extension cords in your office building with the installation of in-floor cabling and conduits. We can run the network cables or electricity exactly where they need to go.  In-floor cabling provides complete customization providing power and networking in and parts of the room without the need for gaffed wires running from wall outlets.  Think about the improved productivity by having conveniently located outlets at every desk plus hard wiring workstations will have faster more stable internet connections without bundles of ethernet wire everywhere.  Call Ottawa Electric Service when you need structured cabling installation. 

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Structured Cabling

We help clients keep electrical, communications & network systems performing long into the future with intelligent design & installation. We help businesses like car dealerships, restaurants, retail stores & apartment buildings with installing cabling systems.  Book your quote and let our electricians work on your project.