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All kinds of outdoor lighting for security or ambience

Ottawa Electric Service is a commercial electrician service that provides customers with exterior lighting and other electrical services. They are professional, easy to work with and have an eye for detail. Ottawa Electrical Services offers full service solutions for commercial projects of all sizes, including exterior lighting in various styles such as LED, curvilinear neon, and traditional metal halide or mercury vapor installations. Other services offered include transformer installation, grounding systems, power management automation and overhead updates for fluorescent renovations.

Options of commercial outdoor lighting in Ottawa

Security lighting

Security lighting uses ultra-bright LED technology that can run on a timer. To secure your business content, make sure your property has enough light to deter suspicious activity. Let our electricians help your business wire your building or property to include outdoor security lighting in Ottawa.

Bring attention to your business with outdoor accent lighting

Accentuate your business with decorative outdoor lighting that we install. Our outdoor lighting doesn’t just please the customer – it also showcases your building and adds ambience by drawing attention to your business. We offer a wide variety of exterior lighting services, including installing new fixtures and repairing parts. We work with LED, fluorescent, halogen and mercury lamps compatible with any outdoor lighting installed.

Neon, metal halide and mercury vapour exterior lighting

A neon sign can carry a lot of weight when it comes to branding your business. They are very visible from outside your establishment and attract a lot of attention. Get your neon lighting installed by professional electricians in Ottawa.

Metal halide lamps are an excellent choice for a commercial enterprise. They are often seen inside warehouses and outdoors; they are efficient, bright, uniform, durable, and last a long time. Metal halide lamps can replace all other types of light fixtures for Ottawa businesses.


Mercury vapour lamps are excellent applications in the commercial sector. They provide pure white light, ideal for retail displays and high-ceiling spaces such as warehouses and auditoriums, where many people might otherwise not be able to see. We can install and service mercury vapour light fixtures in Ottawa.


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Our electricians are safe and a reliable choice for any commercial customer needing exterior lighting electrical upgrades. Ottawa Electrical Service can be there when you need us with expert service that exceeds expectations, and this translates into happy customers who recommend our services to all their associates.