Whole House Surge Protection

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Protect Your Entire Home With A Surge Protector

Protect Your Fridge, Computer & TV With One Little Device

Protect your home and the contents inside by installing a surge protector on your main power lines. In the event of a sudden spike in electricity have a disposable device sacrifice itself instead of your expensive appliances, electronics and other devices.

What Causes Power Surges?

Power surges can be caused by natural events like lightning strikes but. far more common is the downing of power lines or defective equipment at a local sub-station. Surges can be caused by the jolt of electricity needed to start an air conditioner or other energy-intensive appliance.  The damage caused by sudden surges is preventable by installing a device that sacrifices itself in order to protect everything in your home. 

How Much Do Surge Protectors Cost?

For an average house in Ottawa a whole-house surge protection device ranges from 250-500 depending on the size and circuits and we require roughly 2 hours to install it.

Do Surge Protectors Work?

Absolutely surge protectors work and most  Ottawa insurance companies provide better rates for homes with surge protection installed.  Commercial grade surge protectors protect from power spikes and react in a fraction of a second before any damage can be done to electronics inside the home. 

Reasons To Install Whole House Surge Protection In Ottawa Homes:


Get better rates on home insurance with electrical safety upgrades


Sacrifice a $250 component instead of your Laptop


Rural areas with more frequent downed power lines experience higher risks


Be protected from lightning strikes with Ottawa's hot humid summers

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Protect Appliances, Electronics & Utilities With Whole House Surge Protection

The best investment you can install on your house to protect from spikes in electricity.