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An electric fireplace can be used as an alternative to baseboard heaters and even replace a natural gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces come with all the features of a gas fire, artificial log set, internal heaters, the illusion of a crackling fire in your hearth. Some models include backlighting, hidden speakers with sound systems, and other features you would normally find in electrical devices like televisions or stereos.  No matter where you bought your electric fireplace in Ottawa we will have it professionally wired and connected in your home. 

Reasons To Choose An Electric Fireplace In Ottawa

Electric Fireplace Come In Many Styles

As you would expect electric fires come in lots of different styles to match the interior design of your home.  Choose between modern or traditional-looking fires that will make you question if the flames are real.  Electric fireplaces are a great addition for a bedroom, basement, family room or even luxury garage.    

Easy Installation Of Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are easily installed in any Ottawa home in just a few hours.  The installation process requires cutting a hole in the wall and wiring the unit to electric power.  More complicated options include the addition of a wall-mounted thermostat or connecting external blower motors.  Whether you choose on-wall, in-wall, 0r a free-standing model of the electric fireplace there lots of choices and pricepoints available. 

Wall Heaters Vs. Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters tend to have more entry level and cheaper options available when compared to wall mounted heaters.  Wall mounted heaters are generally more powerful and have blowers which circulate the air and through convection heat up a room in minutes.  This also means that when operating under maximum power electric wall heaters will get hotter when touched.  Despite the better efficiency and extra features some customer still prefer the visual aesthetics of baseboard heaters since they low profile helps them blend in with the room.  When choosing between baseboard and wall electric heaters cost, features and design are the biggest choices Ottawa homeowners have to decide between. 

Why Choose An Electric Fireplace In Ottawa?


Do not require duct work or ventilation perfect for additions and retrofits


A much more luxurious finish compared to baseboard heaters


Safety shutoff features prevent them from overheating


No maintenance when compared to natural gas burning fireplaces


Can be installed and replace a tradition fireplace or on any free wall space in the home


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Customize The Colour, Size & Intensity Of Your Electric Fire With Zero Maintenance

Natural gas fireplaces require annual maintenance from an HVAC company. Electric fireplaces work with the flick of a switch and you choose the flame colour too! Replace your Natural Gas Fireplace With an Electric Unit today.