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Why Get An Electrical Inspection In Ottawa

Getting Electrical Inspections & Notifying Electrical Safety Authourity

Get your electric renovations and upgrades proven safe with an inspection from the Electric Safety Authority of Ontario. Inspections are required by law to ensure the installation or repair meets the safety code.  Does your work need a permit? Hiring a licensed electrician means your project will be up to code and have all the necessary permits.  

How To Notify The ESA About Electrical Installations or Repairs In Your Home?

For the most up-to-date and accurate information always check the ESA website. Within 48 hours after electric work has begun, you need to notify the ESA. The electrician you hired will take care of this for the customer. The fees and costs associated with applying for a permit and completing the inspection are included in your quotation.  

Customers can always call the ESA directly at 1-877-ESA-SAFE  or download the ESA notification form here.

How Much Does An ESA Inspection Cost?

The cost of any electrical inspections done in your home is included in the quotation and is disclosed on your invoices.  Inspections include the fees for the visit from the ESA and the necessary modifications if any.  

Know Your Ottawa Home Is Safe & Up To Code!

Get A Voluntary Electrical Inspection When Selling Or Buying A Home

Voluntary electrical inspections are recommended for ageing homes in the Ottawa area. Our residential electric inspection ensures your home has safe electrical systems that are up to code.  The last thing you would ever want to do is buy a house that needs major improvements to the electrical systems. Our home inspection service covers everything like checking the condition of the wiring, circuitry, conduits connecting utility to the home, junction boxes, adequate electrical service and more. 


Check for know & tube, or aluminum wiring


Make reccomendations based on the condition and design of your home


Get peace of mind before purchasing or selling


Our experience as electricians allows to thoroughly inspect electrical systems

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