Commercial Interior Lighting

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Interior Lighting Installation In Ottawa

From Coffee Shops & Retail To Offices & Schools We Light Interiors

Interior commercial lighting is a broad term that refers to the type of light present in and around commercial properties. This can be divided into several sub-categories, each with its own specific purpose. For example, you may have noticed that restaurants feature dimmer lights than other businesses. That’s because dimming these bulbs helps relax customers and coax them into spending more money on food and drinks. Meanwhile, offices need bright natural lights for productivity. We have interior lighting solutions for all commercial spaces in Ottawa

Retail Store Interior Lighting

There are many different types of light fixtures that can be used to illuminate retail stores, from chandeliers and recessed can light to strip lighting and under-counter lamps. The type of interior lighting you choose depends on the purpose for which it is being used, as well as your own preferences about design aesthetics.  But what about the other interior lights you choose our electricians will install them in a professional manner. 

Office & School Interior Lighting Installers In Ottawa

There are many kinds of interior lights that can be used in office environments. While each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, you should consider how much light is required for the spaces in your building and what features are most important to you when selecting a system.  We know that most of our clients choose bright LED lights for their workspaces because the high-intensity lights help keep focus and productivity high.  If you’re office or classroom is in need of brighter interior lighting then call Ottawa Electric Service and get a quote from commercial electricians working to brighten up public spaces. 

Light Fixtures For Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops In Ottawa

Restaurants and bars are often dark places. Dark interiors can help create ambiance, establish a mood, and make the place feel more intimate.  You need directional lights in areas like kitchens and cash registers but it has to be balanced with the rest of the room.  We always recommend having a mixture of wall sconces, pot lights and directional spotlights.  With a dimming feature, you’ll be able to perfect the interior lighting for your guests.  Let us help you install your interior lights no matter the kind of business you operate. 

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Professional Interior Lighting

Renovations & Upgrades By Ottawa Electricians

Commercial interior lighting is the first thing that people see upon entering your business. Lights need to be energy efficient, cost-effective, and look good too.  Choose light fixtures that offer style and functionality while showcasing what your business sells. Get interior lighting professionally installed in Ottawa.