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Ottawa Ceiling Fans

Worry-Free Fan Installation 

Get your ceiling fan professionally wired, mounted and installed by licensed electricians in Ottawa.  Our contractors have the experience to install all types of ceiling fans.  The easiest installation is when we can replace existing hardware but our pros can run wiring to install new ceiling fans in rooms where there was none before. 

Why Install A Ceiling Fan?

Improve Energy Efficiency & Comfort

Ceiling fans are wonderful additions to any home in Ottawa.  They circulate air inside the home and help distribute heating and cooling more efficiently.  In the winter they help keep warm air lower to the ground and in the summer they can be set to lift warm air to the ceiling.  With the cost of heating and cooling homes investing in a ceiling fan will quickly pay got itself. 

Popular Designs & Ceiling Fan Locations In The Home

Ceiling fans come in lots of styles and designs to match any home in Ottawa. Ceiling fans last for decades and when installed properly rarely experience defects. That’s why this upgrade is something that will enhance the value of your home.  Customers can choose a fan that incorporates a hanging light one with just a low profile fan. Plus there are many styles to choose from like retro propeller blades or modern styles too. 

Where To Install A Ceiling Fan In The Home

Ceiling fans are ideal for living spaces inside the home.  Rooms like living rooms and bedrooms are where you spend most of the time and it makes sense to upgrade these rooms first.  Hallways and rooms with high ceilings benefit from more circulation and will add style and functionality to your house. 

Hiring An Ottawa Electrician To Install Your Ceiling Fan

Hiring an electrician to install your fan means your know the job was done right.  The wiring is connected safely and to code.  Plus the hardware is mounted flush and securely to the ceiling.  Replacing an old ceiling fan can be completed by a handy homeowner but if you need help we are always available for hire.  For new installations that require wiring and switch installation always hire a licensed electrician for the best results. 

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Professional  Ceiling Fan Installation In Ottawa

Let our electricians take care of all the measuring and wiring inside your home. Our ceiling fan installation service is as easy as showing us the style of fan you want isntalled and where you want it mounted on the ceiling.  We will take care of everything including clean up. Get a free estimate on the price of installing a ceiling fan inside your home.