Commercial Building Fire Safety

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Ottawa Commercial Fire Safety

Keep Your Business Compliant With Emergency Lighting & Signage

Let us worry about keeping you business compliant with fire safety codes in Ottawa.  We install bilingual emergency exit signage and emergency lights with battery backups that kick on in the event of a power failure.  The fines for non-compliance are significant so always be proactive when making electrical upgrades pertaining to fire safety. 

Emergency Light Installation In Ottawa

Wall-mounted emergency lights kick on when the power goes out or when fire system monitoring has been activated. Emergency lights operate on a battery backup so safety is paramount even if the power goes out.  Emergency lights are required in commercial and public spaces in Ottawa.  Movie theatres, schools, restaurants and bars require professionally installed emergency lights to comply with fire safety regulations in Ottawa.

Illumination Requirements

Illuminations requirements for commercial spaces vary depending on where the light is measured. Our electricians can calculate the candlepower, lumens and spacing required for your facility or business. 

Getting Emergency Lights Installed By Ottawa Electricians

Ottawa Electric Service connects businesses with electricians who require emergency lighting in their business.  We have experience installing and retrofitting public spaces and ensuring they are compliant with local regulations.  If you need help mounting and installing emergency lights schedule an on-site consultation today. 

Illuminated Exit Sign Installation

Bilingual Exit/Sortie Signage

Exit signs can be installed on the ceiling, wall or suspended from the ceiling. Mounting the exit sign is an easy process and the majority of the work related to wiring and connecting the sign to the building fire monitoring systems.  Replacing defective emergency signs is a straightforward job. Single and double-sided signs are available depending on where signs will be installed.  Waterproof exit signs are available for outdoor installations and exit signs with built-in emergency lights can also be installed.   

We work with business owners & commercial landlords keeping businesses in Ottawa safe and compliant with fire safety lighting and signage. 

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Fire Alarms & CO2 Detectors

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Keep Your Business Compliant With Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

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