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We’re the Ottawa electricians you can trust for all your electrical repair needs.  Our team of licensed and certified electricians is here to help with any problem, big or small. From replacing a light switch to installing new outlets, we have you covered.  We provide fast service at affordable rates so that you can get back to enjoying your regularly scheduled life as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment via email or call today!  Schedule your repair with us for warrantied parts and guaranteed labour.

Commercial Repairs

Choose a commercial electrician that understands how critical electrical repair is to your business needs Choose the best company for your commercial electrical services.

Residential Repairs

Homeowners in Ottawa need reliable and affordable electrical repair service to keep their electrical systems running. We are the expert electricians Ottawa counts on for honest and dependable repairs.

Ottawa Electrical Repairs


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Outlet Repair

Did you know that one of the most common issues homeowners have is a non-working electrical outlet? Outlet repairs are easy but they can get more complicated if there is damage to the wiring behind the walls.


Light Switch Repair

You flip the light switch on and off to no avail. This is a simple fix but often overlooked by many homeowners because it’s one of those tasks that are easier to forget about. Fighting with a stubborn light switch can be frustrating, but we want to help make the repair process easy for you!


Breaker Repair

Circuit breakers protect your home and appliances from sudden surges of power.  When activated there is no connection for electricity to pass through. Being mechanical electric panels can break – but don’t worry because we can order replacement parts and try to keep it affordable. 


Temporary Repairs

Temporary electric repairs can be authourized by the ESA in order to allow your power to be restored. You must make these repairs permanent usually within 30 days.  


Overheating Circuits

Circuits can overheat and cause fires. If your circuit breakers trip often or if your sockets are warm you should schedule a visit from one of our electricians. 


Damaged Wiring

Friction, corrosion and even animals can cause damage to the wires inside your home. Damaged wires can cause electrical shocks or even fires. Have an electrician repair all damaged wiring as song as you find it.


Door Bell Repair

Doorbells work on a small volt of electricity and are usually connected near your electrical panel. Broken doorbells can have faulty hardware or wiring that needs replacing. 


Pot Light Repair

If your pot lights aren’t turning on, dimming properly or just making an annoying buzzing noise call the electricians in Ottawa who can get your pot light replaced and fixed for good. 


Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling fans that don’t work are usually not repairable. Most consumer-grade ceiling fans cost less than $200 and are not typically serviceable.  In some cases remotes controls, sockets or wiring and those can easily be repaired. 


Emergency Electrical Repairs

Emergencies need to be attended to right away. 
If you have a sudden loss of power to your home that cannot wait to be repaired call to schedule a visit from our emergency repair electricians so you won’t be in the dark for long. 

Expert Electrical Repairs For Businesses & Homeowners In Ottawa

General contractors need reliable electricians who can quickly quote electrical jobs with accuracy.  What good is an estimate if the information is unreliable? Our experienced electricians know the time it takes to work on residential and commercial electrical renovations in Ottawa.  Let’s work together on your next commercial electrical project.