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Lighting Electrician In Ottawa

We Install All Kinds Of Lights!

Wall fixtures, LED, chandeliers, pot-lights, cabinet lights – we install them all. Let our electricians install your home with lighting upgrades that improve that keep your home feeling warm and well lit. 

Ceiling Light Installation Service

We install ceiling lights in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, hallways and staircases. If we are replacing outdated fixtures of installing entirely new lights we have the skills to get the job done with professional results. We are committed to helping you choose the perfect lights to compliment the design of your home.

LED Lighting Installation Ottawa

LED lights are very popular in Ottawa. Their low cost and low energy consumption make them useful for many applications.  Our supply of LED lighting are commercial grade and 100 times better than the products found on Amazon. When it comes to dimming, colour consistency & longevity our LED lighting solutions are the best in Ottawa.  Get LED lights installed in your house with help from our friendly electricians.  


Pot Lights

Pot lights are a popular option for many homeowners because they’re inexpensive and simple to install. However, if not installed correctly, pot lights can be very frustrating!  Trust the professional electricians to install pot lights in any room of the house. With our experience and knowledge, we can wire, install and clean up very fast!

pot lights installed in a living room

LED Lights & For Interior Lighting

A lot of people have very specific tastes about the lights that they want inside their homes. Some people prefer bright, white light and other people like warmer, yellow tones.  LED technology has improved greatly and lets customers choose the warmth and brightness of the lighting in the home.  The Ottawa Electric Service helps you choose the lighting that matches your renovation and style.


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No Matter The Lighting You Need Ottawa Electric Service Can Professionally Install Them

Get professional advice about the type of lights to install in your home. Our professional electricians have an eye for trends and designs that will match your home! Install pot lights in the kitchen, track lights in the hallways and recessed lighting in the basement. Choose Ottawa Electric Service to install lights anywhere in your house.