Hot Tub Electrical Installation

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Hot Tub Installation

Wired By Licensed Electricians In Just A Few Hours

Wiring your new hot tub is as easy as running a 6 AWG cable from the electric panel in your home to the location of the installation. Then we install a 30AMP subpanel at the site. After that your hot tub is ready to be heated.  We can run the wire through the interior (usually basement) or along the exterior of the home.  The costs are largely determined by the degree of difficulty of the installation and the distance the hot tub is being installed from the main electric utility in the home. 

Dedicated Hot Tub Circuit

30 – 60 AMP Sub Panel Installation

Depending on the size of spa you purchase you will require a hard-wired GFCI protected circuit.  Our electricians will ensure to install the correct size for your home.  The subpanel is connected to the home using size 6 American Guage Copper Wire.  All of the electrical work we perform in Ottawa residences is done by licensed electricians and properly inspected ensuring the safe use of your new spa. 

The average hot tun installation in Ottawa costs include GFCI circuit, electrical inspection from the ESA, the cost of the wiring plus labour to install.  The price will change depending on the location of the utility and the hot tub but most homeowners should expect to spend at least $1500 for basic hot tub installations.  For an exact quote please call and request an in-home consultation so we can measure and provide and exact quotation. 


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