Why Is Your Electric Bill So High?

Learn how to reduce energy costs with these electrical improvements in the home. 

Every month, many Ottawa residents find themselves on the receiving end of high electricity bills.  Without much hesitation or thought the bills are paid.  But what if there was a way to help reduce electrical costs in Ottawa?  

Luckily, our licensed electrical specialists are on the job to help you with your home electrical needs. We are here to give you some tips on how to prevent unnecessary costs.   Together lets  get to the bottom of your high electricity bills.

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Upgrade Old Appliances 

You should upgrade old appliances because they use too much energy compared to modern energy-efficient models. Upgrading old appliances is a good way to increase energy efficiency in the home. Old models use more electricity than new models and there are ways to get deductibles on your utility bills if you replace them.  For an introductory discount, we recommend appliance recycling as an option for disposing of your out-of-code apiaries before they further contribute to an inefficient environment. Old dishwasher and dryers can usually cost double the electricity or $4/month – so an upgrade can pay off over time.

Take Advantage Of Time-of-use Electricity Prices

Depending on the time you use electricity will change the price you pay.  By using appliances that consume large amounts of electricity during off peak house you can save 50% on the cost. Electricity prices are most expensive during business hours and cheap at night, on weekends and during holidays. The time of use rates changes during the winter and summer season so make sure you know when electricity costs the least.   Running an average dishwasher at night costs 4 cents an hour versus 18 cents during the daytime.  

Utilize Thermostats On Electric Heaters

Get a thermostat for your electric baseboard heaters to reduce excessive heat output.  Many electric heaters have built in thermostats but we always forget to turn them off.  With a smart thermostat your can turn off the heat with the flick of a switch or from a smart device.

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Demand Of Heating & Cooling

Air conditioners run on electricity as do hot water heaters and lots of other heating and cooling equipment.  Heating and cooling is by far the largest contribution of energy costs to homes in Ottawa. To help reduce costs the best thing you can do is upgrade your equipment to energy-efficient models.  The cost of the upgrade is amortized over the lifespan of the equipment and you enjoy a better home climate with lower energy consumption.  Maybe you can’t afford a high-efficiency air condition… try and keep humidity in your home at an ideal level.  Moist air loses thermal energy fast and dry air is difficult to heat.  Including a central dehumidifier system is a great way to help lower the energy bills associated with heating and cooling. 

Get The Latest Tips, Tricks & Learn About Electrical Safety Maintenance Inside Your Home.

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