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De nombreuses personnes se posent des questions sur le câblage et l’électricité de la maison. En tant qu’électriciens agréés, nous avons travaillé avec tous les aspects de l’industrie. Voici quelques questions fréquemment posées que nous recevons de nos clients. Ottawa Electric Service est responsable de l’entretien de nombreuses maisons à Ottawa. Notre entreprise continue de croître au fur et à mesure que de plus en plus de gens emménagent dans de nouvelles maisons. Si vous êtes propriétaire d’une maison à Ottawa, plusieurs questions peuvent survenir concernant votre système électrique, telles que : « De combien de prises ai-je besoin ? » « Quel type de prise dois-je obtenir ? » et « Pourquoi la maison de mon voisin est-elle câblée différemment de la mienne ? Voici les questions les plus fréquemment posées. Si vous ne voyez pas votre question, assurez-vous de consulter notre blog ou appelez-nous ou envoyez-nous un courriel!

Questions générales

What to do if my appliance keeps tripping the breaker?

The circuit is being overloaded so the most common problem is too many plugs in one socket. You can check if it is the circuit or the appliance by plugging it into a separate socket (if possible). If you need assistance we can come to your home, diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for any repairs. 

What is a GFCI?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. These special plugs have a built-in safety mechanism that triggers in the event of a sudden surge of electricity. GFCI outlets are required where electricity meets water, so kitchen, bathroom & spa.

How do I book an electrical inspection?

If you need an electrical inspection can the Electrical Safety Authority at 1-877-372-7233 or visit this link 

Why hire licensed electricians?

Licensed electricians carry insurance, are qualified to perform electrical work in Ontario and help reduce the risk associated with hiring unlicensed help.

Do you upgrade electrical panels?

Older and smaller homes in Ottawa are sometimes equipped with an electrical panel that is too small for modern needs.  If your electrical panel needs to be upgraded we can replace it with a new one suitable to supply your home with electricity.  

Do I need a brand new panel for a hot tub?

If you only require a small increase in electricity and not planning any future appliance purchases then we can install something known as a pony panel.  These will provide enough voltage for electrical renovations that need limited upgrades. 

How can I protect my home from electrical surges?

A home equipped with surge protection and proper grounding will have more protection from electrostatic damage to appliances and electronics (TV, laptop,  Xbox) connected to outlets in the home.

Ottawa Electric Service

About Us

We connect homeowners with licensed and insured electricians in Ottawa.  We ensure quality installation services for all electrical needs, from residential wiring to commercial lighting design. We specialize in the following areas: rewiring houses, electrical service upgrades, ceiling fan installation and repair, we service light fixtures and help with electrical improvements & renovations.

Residential Electricians

If you are looking for an electrician to help with any electrical work around your home, look no further than Ottawa Electricians. They offer a wide range of services from residential wiring and installation to commercial electrical work.

Commercial Electricians

When you choose to work with a commercial electrician, it is especially important that your chosen Ottawa Electricians understand how critical your business needs are and what kinds of things you need from them. We know the importance of making sure that everything is done right: so we have created an easy-to-follow checklist that will help you choose the best company for your commercial electrical services.

Electrical Repairs

In need of electrical repairs in your home? Always have problems checked by a professional electrician before attempting any repairs yourself! Working with electricity means there are risks involved that can cause serious injury or damage if handled improperly. A licensed electrician will be able to conduct an assessment on your electrical panel without putting anyone in harm’s way. If certain parts need replacing, they’ll know the safest way to go about doing so while ensuring the new parts don’t interfere with other areas of your home’s electrical system.

Obtenez les derniers conseils, astuces et apprenez-en plus sur l’entretien de la sécurité électrique à l’intérieur de votre maison.

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