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Big Backup Natural Gas Generator for House Building Outdoor

Backup Generator Installation

Uninterrupted Electricity During Power Outages

Enjoy uninterrupted power even when the power goes out! Backup generators run on gas and kick on whenever the electricity is cut from your home. Standby generators are perfect for rural areas that experience power outages or for residential homes that want to be prepared in case of emergency.

Generac Generators Provide Safety, Comfort & Luxury

Keep Internet Even When The Entire Neighbourhood Is Dark…

Installing a backup power supply in your home protects the electronics and appliances inside your home from surges in electricity.  They can operate on propane or natural gas making them a great choice for rural or urban areas.  Backup generators can protect essential medical equipment, frozen foods & keep your home connected to the internet even if the rest of the neighbourhood is in the dark!  Staying connected allows you to use security cameras, garage doors & lighting. 

Cost To Install Backup Generator In Ottawa

The cost for installing a backup generator will change depending on the size of generator you require and the difficulty of the installation. The average whole house generator needs about 16 kWh and costs $4000 plus taxes and shipping. For a simple installation the typical homeowner in Ottawa will pay about $2500 for installation.  With variables like underground gas piping, transfer switches and remote monitoring devices each project deserves its own assessment.


Keep away floods with sump pump backup


Preserve frozen food with backup power


Keep the AC on without power


Enjoy fully charged devices and wifi in a blackout


Runs until the hydro company restores power to your house


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Get A Backup Generator Installed On Your Home & Be The Hero Anytime The Power Goes Out

The thought of the power going out may sound romantic to some but others need to have electricity to protect their business, run medical equipment or ensure security systems are functional 365 days of the year.  If you need a backup power generator get a quote from the Ottawa Electric Service.